Network Analysis

Since 2008 I am interested in the network analysis, and its application in genome biology.

In the summer 2010 I attended the Network Analysis Course given by Dr. Nina Zweig of IWR Uni Heidelberg, which was very inspiring and I would definitely recommend.

Interesting topics to me include:
  • Data Mining approaches to integrate and map biological network data
    • Integrate: Software interfaces (e.g. KEGGgraph) and database models
    • Map: Integrate advantages of Cytoscape (or Web), yEd and Graphviz to interactively visualize quantitative data in composite networks
    • Build correlation graphs (networks) from expression and mutation
    • Understand mutant's impact in networks
  • Qualitative analysis of networks
    • Centrality and its robustness against missing data,
    • clustering of directional and weighted network,
    • clustering of bipartite graph, and
    • network motifs and its functionality in biological networks
  • Quantitative modeling of networks
    • General Bayesian network
    • Boolean network modeling of signaling pathways
    • Fuzzy logic network
    • Petri network for metabolism networks
Some of my current work is based on the collaboration with Dr. Nina Zweig and Emoke-Agnes Horvath. In addition I am collaborating with Dr. Dennis Thieffry in Paris. The aim is to translate knowledge from network analysis into  drug targeting and clinical practices.
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