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Classsical Music

My main interest in classical music lies in works from the Romatic era, although I am also fanscinated by work from classical time (Bach) and some selected modern composers, like George Gershwin and some recent composers from Russia. Definitely I am not a fan of 'too modern' music without clear structure and rhythem. An contra-example is The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky,  personally I am irritated by such works.

I collect the works from about 35 very famous composers, mainly in the romaitc time. A special tribute is given to Ludwig van Beethoven and Bedřich Smetana. The 9. Symphony of Beethoven is a summit one can not override, and the Trio Op. 15 in G-minor by Smetana is one of the most touching chamber music piece I have ever heard of.

My favorite compositions are mostly symphony and concertos, while other formats are also liked. And I find the sound of piano, cello and violin most attrative.