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I have been learning and programming C++ since 2008. The reasons driving me to use C++ include its efficiency, its OOP concepts, comprehensive functional libraries and its portability. Especially I use external libraries like Qt, boost and OpenCV extensively besides sgi's STL.

Technically, I started with the instructions given by the author of C++, Bjarne Stroustrup, on his website. His book, The C++ Programming Language, is especially helpful for coders migrating from the C community.

Practically, I (mostly) adhere to the Google C++ Coding Style for consistent coding styles, for example naming conventions, comment formats and functionality using rules. Not all the recommendation is used by me, however it serves as a good start point to acquaint good programming customs. 

Tools written by me in C++ include
  • ScratchIt: Software for automatic analysis of would healing assay with high-content microscopy
  • olympus-tiler: Software with GUI to tile images from one microtitle plate well produced by the Olympus high-content microscopy
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for several R packages, including ddCt and flowDeconvolutor