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I see web portals as the next important layer in the pipelines to tackle biological problems. With exposionally increasing data and tools available across many labs and bioinformatics centers around the world, integration, visualization and interactive interpretation of heterogenous data illustrates an unnoticable bottleneck.

Personally I have the feeling that the computational biology field learns too little from the software community of enterprise artitechtures, due to historical and pratical reasons. Biological data and services facing them lack clear modularity and reusability, although the obscure sate of art has been improved by much efforts from the community. With web programming skills and other knowledge transfered from SOA fields, my aim is to advocate the use of proper models and programming skills, which would potentially faciltate the interpretation of current knowlege and inspire the new know-how.


Resources in Public Domain

JavaPassion: Learn Java with Passion and Sang Shin