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LaTex is a popular typesetting system. It allows to create highly portable formats (like PDF) with complex mathematic, table and figure contents. R and Bioconductor experts are especially interested in LaTex since with the help of Sweave package it is possible to produce PDF documents embedded with equations, figures and all other possible outputs from R. Such documents, known as Vignette, encourages the producible research since the analysis procedure can be exactly reproduced at any place and any time provided the data is also provided.

LaTex Tutorials 

Sweave Tutorials

LaTex Topics

LaTex beamer package: create professional and portable presentation (Vortrag)

Convert LaTex to HTML

Here is a partial list:
  • tth: This is the tool I use: fast, support graphics
  • latex2html

Useful Edit Tools

  • AUCTeX: An extensible package for writing and formatting TeX files in Emacs (and with XEmacs). It includes a package preview-latex which visualizes selected code chunks directly with figure images.
  • LyX: A graphical front of TeX with the concept of What You See Is What You Mean (WYSIWYM).

External Links

  1. Norm Matloff's LaTex Tutorial Site